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More than just 50 shades of grey


and more than 50 shades of green


and more than 50 shades of white


Pictures shot with D800 plus 16-35 f/4 – click to magnify .

Posted by lorenzoborghi on October 8, 2013
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  1. 10/8/2013


    As always, very beautiful and thought provoking. Imaging the powerful force of nature it takes to have the trees grow up the face of the mountain….amazing!


    • 10/10/2013

      Exactly Jim, I am glad you appreciate the message of that picture. As when we see grass or flowers grasped on a stone wall, but with a much different scale and more dramatic colors and light given by the clouds. Please appreciate these pictures are 100% crops of shots taken with a 16-35 mm of a far away mountain – I did not have the 70-200 with me.


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