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Hot spots

Hotel hall

Bubble man

Limmat lovers

Lake Zurich water jets

Hot baths

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Holes and passages in the urban environment


Shade hole

The backyard entrance

Beneath the amphitheater

Italian arcades

Inside the iron whale (Pfalzkeller St.Gallen)

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All reds

From the Red Square of Sankt Gallento the kayaks in Zurich Bärengraben canal. Red is in the air

Kayak queuing

Roma Square Modena

Fit balloons in Zurich downtown

The Red Square, Sankt Gallen

Tuk Tuk of Zurich

Pictures shot in Zurich and Winterthur.

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Closed horizons

Not always what is frontward is more interesting than what’s behind..

Textile industry in Sankt Gallen

Inner Switzerland behind a motorway sound barrier

Rooftop silhouettes on the canal walls

UAP (Unidentified Aerial Phenomena) above Sankt Gallen

Close proximity of modern structures

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Urban shades

Shades and their contrast to lights in the city

Sun bathing Calatrava bus stop

Potential shades

Shade holes

Shady balconies

Roof chimney shades on facades

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Mirror mirror on the road

Natural and artificial reflections in the urban environment

Planted underground passage

A reflecting crossroad

Behind the mirror

In memory of a city channel

What is real, what is unreal?

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Next exit: Cygnus

An imaginary trip bringing us to the constellation of Cygnus, one of the most interesting corner in the milky way. Cygnus was shot on the sky above Zurich with an astonishing 8 minute long exposure on Skyguider Pro. Camera D600, lens Nikon 70-200 mm

On the launch ramp located direction to the Gotthard Pass.

A last look to the Mythen peaks

Into the launch tunnel

Lifting off

Its heart: a permanent supernova surrounded by its nebula. It’s tail on the bottom left, close to the pinky north America nebula.  Its head far away on the bottom right. Can you see the Cygnus left wing stretching to the top and its right wing (partial) pointing to the bottom?

Click each picture to zoom in, and if Cygnus is not clear, find the constellation here

Standing out

Protrusions out of surfaces might be fascinating, sometimes..

A complex renovation site

Overwhelming growth

Standing tall, e-scooters!

Twigs and branches

Wire-framed reality.

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Straight geometry

Squares and triangles largely win on the streets of Sankt Gallen

Textile industry

Main station cabaret

Office area

Peter and Paul church

Outside of the historical library

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Contains more butterflies

Pictures shot in Papiliorama, Switzerland. Click each picture to zoom in



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