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Zurich West side, the colorful downtown of Switzerland,  by night:


The Prime tower in the background and Technopark buildings in front


The Renaissance building


The old town with its bell towers (Grossmünster, St. Peter, Fraumünster) behind the new town


West side and the train viaduct


The city burner with Zurich lake in the background.

Click each picture to enlarge and enjoy the crispy details. Pictures shot with D800 + 70-200 VRII from around 1.5 km distance.


The 1.Mai Fest in Zürich of David and Goliath


It is seldom seeing so many red flags in the streets of Zurich. They gave an additional colour to this wonderfully sunny First of May 2013! Enjoy this post pictures: click on them to magnify. The top picture shows  (one of) the huge water cannon that Zurich Police deployed to keep the day quiet.

DSC_8839small DSC_8928small DSC_8939small DSC_8915small DSC_8974small DSC_8908small DSC_890small3 DSC_8880small

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