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Vertical velocity

Off slope

Skiers on Val-Val slope

Snow patterns

On foot downwards Sedrun

From Alpsu back to Andermatt

Click each picture to zoom in.


Andermatt my snow queen

On ski between Andermatt and Oberalp pass. The red MGB in the back

The Val-Val East slope foreground, the Val-Val West slope background

Skiing across endless snow

The Gemstock in sight, top left

Orion, center and his dogs: Sirius, bottom left and Procionis, top left – just out of Andermatt

Pictures shot on the slopes of Andermatt. Click each picture to zoom in.


Symmetries across-pass

Wooden houses of Sedrun (Canton Graubünden) and Andermatt (Canton Uri)

City center of Sedrun and Andermatt

Cemeteries of Sedrun and Andermatt

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Trainspotting at 2000 m.s.l.

An unusual location for trainspotting.

Towards Oberalp Pass.

The lighthouse at Oberalp pass in sight. The lighthouse marks the source of the Rhine river.

At the station at Oberalp Pass, 2044 m.s.l.

Back towards Andermatt

On the Matterhorn Gotthard Bahn (MGB) from Andermatt to Sedrun (Switzerland). A train spotter on a roof’s top takes notes.

Click each picture to zoom in.


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