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After a couple of weeks above 33 °C, the lake is our only hope.  Enjoy this hot and long Swiss summer! Click each picture shot in front of Rapperswil (Lake Zurich) to enlarge.


Traces of Industrialization in Canton Glarus: the upcoming ARTBorghi photo exhibition

flyer gaf16

In Canton Glarus (Switzerland), narrow valleys and mountain peaks are the natural background to dozens of high-tech and traditional industries. Flat, geometric surfaces of metal and concrete hiding the landscape from the sight are far from being alien to the place:  instead, they decorate it for hundreds of years. Industrial buildings often comprise large transparent surfaces, either glass windows or see-through structures: this mirroresque game merges natural and man made landscapes, which become indistinguishable one from each other. Industrial tools and products, steel bars and concrete pipes pop up from grass fields and courtyards in every corner of the valleys, again witnesses of the productivity and labor of Glarnerland. These activities are constantly carried on inside new and old walls, such as in Eternit of Niederurnen and many others.

From 29.9 (6 pm) to 9.10.2016 (6 pm) I will take part of a collective photo exhibition in Zürich. My thema Berg und Tal depicts what is on the top (mountains) and on the bottom of the valleys in Canton Glarus. Come to Photobastei for the vernissage or finissage to meet the photographers! Click on the flyer for more info (in German) or just write me at

No time for a visit? Click here to browse Berg und Tal online

Metropolìta più

DSC_0568 DSC_0495

DSC_0481 DSC_0699

DSC_0583 DSC_0576

DSC_0602 DSC_0585

Artborghi nominated for the SUPER SWEET BLOGGING AWARD !


Some muffins ago Artborghi was nominated for the Super Sweet Blogging Award! Thank you The Grateful Golfer for the nomination: you’re super sweet! I sieved out what the Super Sweet Blogging Award is about, and found dozens of mums writing about cakes and kids. So, I am no mama, I do not bake cakes… but I can put imagination in motion, as you said. Good I can do it with pictures, because I am so bad at baking!

Rules for this award include:

– Thank the super sweet blogger who made the nomination: grazie ancora,  Grateful Golfer!
– Nominate a “Baker’s dozen” additional super sweet bloggers:


1. passionartlove
2. windybee
3. doronart
4. soterodelgado
5. jasminephoto
6. sparklingraya
7. drawandshoot
8. tutisoler
9. violiantonio
10. thespectrumcc
11. afternoonsuddenstories
12. maggiescamera
13. alien-heartbeat

I doubt all of these bloggers regularly bake cakes, but still they are as pleasant as a fresh gipfeli with cappuccino for breakfast!

And now to answer five questions:

Cookie or cake? Cake, try a Aargauer Rüeblitorte if you pass by in Switzerland

Chocolate or Vanilla? Chocolate, either Belgian or Swiss.

What is your favorite sweet treat? Condensed milk (!)

When do you crave sweet things the most? Oddly by night

If you had a sweet nickname, what would it be? Milchbrötchen …

And I swear, no more pink in posts for some time 😀

Through the rough Judean desert to the calm shores of the Dead Sea (Israel)

Through the desert where Satan tempted Jesus for 40 days and 40 nights …


you can meet the ruins of an abandoned settlement at the side of the motor road:


a black, hot ribbon that cuts through a couple of check-points to reach the shores of the Dead Sea.


Pools of water evaporation


stretch from Israel border East to Jordan, at the other side of the Dead Sea.


Enjoy the colours and shapes of this waters containing 34% of salt (10 times more than Mediterranean sea)


and its atolls made out precipitated salt


Relax by floating on the water surfaces


but keep this extremely salty water out of mouth and eyes… otherwise …


Click on each picture to magnify. Pictures shot with D800 plus 70-200 f/2.8 or 16-35 f/4

After a long ride, time to wrap up some stats …


It has been a long ride, dear readers, and it is time to wrap up some numbers. From January to  October 2013 artborghi published more than one post every two days, which means:

– 173 posts and 1,509 pictures uploaded

On your side, you gave artborghi a warm feedback:

– 492 comments, 371 followers, 43,387 contacts,  299 links (and much more)

… and especially a huge motivation to go on publishing.  From now on the scheduling of new posts will change a bit: work pressure and shorter days will not stop artborghi, just slow it down a tiny bit, like when a bear sniffs the next winter approaching …

For the moment, I thank you so much  … and stay tuned for the “not to far away” next post!

PS This colorful and slippery painted street is located in Neuchatel, Switzerland.

Let the rain begin for the Fête des Vendanges 2013 de Neuchâtel

A colourful, light and joyful paper rain


to cover the roads and people of Neuchâtel!


Because no shelter will be strong enough


no umbrella wide enough


no street corner safe enough.


Everything and everybody will disappear under this colourful rain


and what will lie down the line … nothing more than confetti on the floor.


All pictures shot with D800 plus 70-200 VR-II in Neuchâtel, Switzerland, for the harvest festival 2013. Click to magnify each picture!

PanSTARRS C/2011 L4 on Üetliberg on 15.3.2012: the comet comes to Zürich, ARTBorghi is there to catch it!


Finally a clear sky tonight. With the help of a new and very sturdy Manfrotto tripod, up in the though wind of Üetliberg Uto Kulm panoramic-terrace , my D800 could catch PanSTARRS C/2011 L4 showing off west of Üetliberg. Thanks to the Polish guy with the brightest binocular I ever seen for helping us finding the comet.

Enjoy the pictures as we enjoyed the Uto Kulm restaurant after freezing on the top level of its panoramic antenna. Click HERE on the post picture to open the set on Artborghi PanSTARRS!

Waiting for the PanSTARRS comet: D800 time lapse option

Watch the movie full screen at HI-RES (1080px) (you set it by clicking on the settings icon in the youtube window after play starts) or you will miss several details.

Waiting for the PanSTARRS comet, I trained with the D800 time-lapse option. First part of the post movie was shot 1 frame / min (too fast), second at 1 frame / 10 sec (the speed I prefer), third at 1 frame / 20 secs (still too fast).

The camera mounted the Nikkor 50 mm F/1.4G and was set on:

– f/2

– ISO 640

– Mirror up and tripod to avoid vibrations

– centre balanced metering to have small overexposed areas.

The pictures of each movie part were merged into a .MOV file in camera, so not too many options were left for editing except into Windows Movie Maker or similar. Next time I will try D800 Interval pictures instead, as each frame is separately saved as single file and open for more modifications.

PS Mind switching off every automatism from the camera or you will get the flickering unwanted effect of this post movie… I suspect the AWB being the cause for it.

In the movie below every automatic feature of the D800 was off: much better!

Hoch-Ybrig (CH) 2013: fast freestyle action and full frame D800


They say a full frame camera like the D800 is not good for sport and action. Indeed it is quite heavy to carry along … Despite the ridiculous 4 fps, the D800 is still able to catch some good action (here subjects were added on backgrounds post-shooting) . Click on each picture to magnify it in a new tab.


To get a fast subject on focus mind to set up the following:

– AF-C (continuous AF) “d9” or “3d” to avoid focusing the background instead of your subject, especially with a 50 mm

– cH for “high” burst speed (no 6 fps for me, I do not have the battery grip with the EN-EL18)

– To reach 5 fps with normal batteries you can shoot in DX mode

– With a max f/2.8 , I set up ISO to 200 and time was around 1/6000

– Better shooting with a zoom to restrict most of the focus area on your subject, the 70-200 mm VRII set at 70 mm was enough


Click on each picture to magnify it in a new tab.

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