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Love is … on a cold Autumn eve on Lake Zurich





Love is a dark silhouette … invisible without a colourful background.

Pictures shot hand-held in the darkness of a November eve thanks to Nikon D800 plus Nikon f/1.4 50 mm (f/1.6 ISO 800 1/100 sec)

This is how sun sets in Switzerland

Despite the sun still high,


when the longest shadow reaches the middle of the lake


It is time for setting head to a safe harbour.


All the shades of green and blue that adorned the day


rapidly turn into black and white on the lake surface,


while the sky warms up a last time before darkness.


That’s the moment when the steam wheels sail off Lucerne


drive in line through the strait of the lake


and pay a visit there, where this country was born on August 1, 1291.


… and only by then the first fires are started to fight the long, Alpine night.


All pictures shot with D800 + 70-200 VR-II / 16-35 f/4; click to enjoy them full screen.

The tempest by D800 and 16-35 mm

Hast thou, spirit, perform’d to point the tempest that I bade thee?

All hail, great master! grave sir, hail!

I come to answer thy best pleasure

be’t to fly, to swim, to dive into the fire, to ride on the curl’d clouds

to thy strong bidding task Ariel and all his quality.

Click on each picture to magnify

Artborghi’s painted love for the Appenzell Alps of Switzerland: how to transform your best shots in black and white art

Artborghi is no painter, but still pretends being one by playing with digital photography. Click each of these pictures to enjoy the full details of a ink drawing-like.


By playing with black and white conversion values and thresholds , here are the results.


Are you curious to know how the original pictures looked like? Click here or here for a couple of examples.


On the boat picture, the Säntis antenna is visible on one of the most picturesque peaks of Switzerland.


These pictures were shot in the amazingly beautiful region of Appenzell, CH. High mountains, narrow valleys and Alpine lakes. Visit it to enjoy it in full colours!

Afro Pfingsten Festival 2013: when Africa knocks at the doors of Switzerland

When drums are set in the streets of Winterthur (Switzerland) for the Afro Pentecost Festival artborghi-Afro-Pfingsten-1

… everybody gotta dance at African rhythms! Join the beat and try to follow it …


… like best dancers at the Afro Pfingsten Festival do!


Of sex and birds: a 70-200 mm f/2.8 VR II photo-poem made in Zürisee

I was waiting for you my master …

Under a curtain of white drops

I will give myself to you, my love.

And what you gifted me with your beak (on my neck)

And what you made me with your feet (on my back)

Will be lost in time, like droplets in the lake.

Click here for the full love R-rated story reportage or on each picture for bigger size. About some more feelings, I love this lens. Pictures shot against the sun at 200 mm, f/5, 1/1250, ISO 100.

Naked art: do’s and don’ts

It is not easy exposing (half) naked bodies in photo exhibitions.

1. The subject could not agree on it.
2. People watching the subject could get offended by nudity.
3. People could consider the photographer a pervert.
4. The internet server could tag the blog inappropriate.

However, if photo submission is encouraged by an Academy of Arts … everything changes. These pictures are now under selection for future exhibitions on the topic “water and body”. Let’s see if any meets a positive judgement.

In memory of the casualties of July the 1st, 2012, Zurich.

Suddenly, a loud noise broke the sleepy morning.
White troops marched down from the skies
and smashed roofs and gardens and birds
and woods broke and fell down as if cut by razors. Read more…

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