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The Perseids above the Gotthard Pass, Switzerland, 2013.


I reached the tears of Saint Lawrence
Up there on Gotthard pass.


They guided me white and shiny above the road
I drove, a black ribbon between stones and sky.


Up there, in the darkness of the Alps
the tears of Saint Lawrence became mine.

To become yours too, click on the pictures and find them in the original and magnified picture, respectively 1, 2 and 3 falling stars are waiting for you. On the bottom left of the Milky way is Perseus, above is Cassiopeia, in the middle of each picture is the Galaxy of Andromeda (click here for a small map) ! Pictures shot with Nikon D800 mounting a Nikon 16-35 mm f/4.

How bigger than usual was the big perigee moon 2013?


363,300 km far above … you have probably already watched hundreds of pictures representing the “14% bigger than usual” perigee moon. I could shoot this big moon with the same lens and camera used for a normal, average sized moon (384,400 km far away).

I doubt I could have recognize such difference without a digital comparison. Read more…

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