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Up there where trees don’t dare

_DSC0690-2 _DSC0708-3

From the lake shores up into the woods of mount Pilatus

_DSC0725 _DSC0712

Cutting through the tree line and climbing the bare rocks

_DSC0736 _DSC0833-3

To finally reach Pilatus Kulm (2132 m.s.l.) with this 48%- steep cogwheel track. Click each picture to enlarge.


Reflections on the route from Lucerne to the mount Pilatus. Click each picture to enlarge.


Lucerne harbor




Cruising along the Rigi mountain


Across the Vierwaldstättersee


Approaching the final destination: the Pilatus.

This track is part of of the Golden round trip, highly suggested if you pass by Lucerne on a sunny day.

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