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Night, frozen, still … life?

There is a garden closed by night…


…there is a path going through the garden…


…there are lamps at the side of the path.


Each lamp has something to show…


…in this frozen…


…white night.


Pictures of light: the enchanted snow white Ghent (Gand), Flanders, Belgium


I had the lucky opportunity to visit Ghent (Belgium) in winter (wait…) under the snow (ah!). The city lights plus the white snow transformed this “diamond of the Flanders” in a fairy tale location.  Enjoy my  day and night reportage from Ghent: click HERE for our picture set on Ghent!

Torino winter nights: time to explore the city of “Profondo Rosso”

torino notte natale artborghi

I spent a couple of days in Torino and I was lucky being there just before Christmas, when cold nights and empty streets give a mysterious look to this imperial city.

Explore it during dinner time, get lost in its desert city centre and finish the night in one of its pompous coffee shops. Or find yourself by chance in one of the scariest location of the best Italian horror movie : Deep Red, aka Profondo Rosso, by Dario Argento

Find such location among the pictures I shot there (CLICK HERE to open our Turin set) … or watch the full Deep Red movie here to get some hints at 14:20 …

The blog picture was shot on Richi Ferrero’s light installation

Best time for night photography in Zurich: Christmas!

xmas zurich artborghi

Christmas time is best time for shooting wonderful pictures: magic lights, nice feelings .. and especially no need to wake up before dawn to take the “only good light of the day” (professionals love to say this) … And Zurich (Switzerland) is probably one of the best places for shooting Christmas pictures. Maybe because of the old buildings of the centre, or the warm lights in the narrow streets, or Santa Claus driving his tram across the city …  Enjoy them in the first artborghi picture set on

20 mm eyes on Zurich day and night

Nobody on the shores of Zurisee today

Nobody waiting for the ferry boat back to Zurich

Nobody in the city centre but a couple of tourists

Nobody by the Limmat … is everybody at Expovina tonight?

Each picture shot with a Sigma 20mm f/1.8, thanks Thiago! Amazing how much stuff can be shot in a single picture with a 20 mm. Click on pics to zoom

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