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How to create amazing stitched online panorama from D800 shots


Click on post pictures first and on the opened new tab after to zoom and give a look to the several hi-res panorama I shot on Säntis (CH) . Below a few hints:


– use the D800 tilt indicator to get parallel pictures
– fix the focus on the subject (i.e. after focusing switch to M)
– work on A priority with f/7.1 or more to get all in focus


– Quickly downsize your Fx pictures with XnView or similar to 5000px x 3333px (with less than 16 GB ram try as low as 1600px x 1068px) .


– Stitch the resized pictures with Hugin

– Tilt / crop the panorama picture with a photo editor (vertical and horizontal lines in long panoramas can be difficult … find what was corrected in this additional panorama)

– Adjust the HDR toning if you use it like in the first post picture (click it for a larger hi-res view)

– In case no colour adjustment does satisfy you, don’t forget about B&W conversion.


– Load your pictures on

For low-res (fast download) plus pan and zoom views, click on the links below:

The Altmann peak from Säntis
The Churfirsten teeth emerging from the clouds
180° view East from Säntis
270° view with person and correction

D800 dynamic range: a test in Arosa (CH)

Click on each picture to watch a bigger size version (around 2-3 Mb in size)

It was never as easy shooting awesome panoramic pictures. The D800 horizontal/vertical tilt sensors let you shoot series of pictures perfectly aligned. Just set on Aperture priority, focus once, remove autofocus, shoot partially overlapping pictures. Assemble and crop them with Hugin or similar free software. No additional changes required.

I am impressed by the fantastic dynamic range of D800 pictures, even in high contrast / misty situations.

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