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Fine art auctions @ Photobastei from 21.8 to 31.8 2014: bring home your ARTBorghi !

The Photobastei auction kicks off on Thursday, August 21, with a rushing vernissage (everybody welcome!) and goes on until Photobastei-end on August 31. Two whole floors of the Photobastei building are reserved for it!

On the 10th day before the end of the project, ie at the opening evening, August 21, each of the artworks part of this action will cost CHF 1000. On the 9th day before the end of the project, or August 22, CHF 900. Then CHF 800CHF 700 -, etc., until a picture on the last day of Photobastei will be as low as CHF 100!

Click here to see which pictures are part of the AUCTION at the moment. The following two ARTBorghi artworks (printed on HQ photo-paper and framed) , part of the previous exhibition The GREEN point of view, will be available in this Photobastei auction:

Lorenzo_Borghi_Paradise on cloud one_2014

Paradise on cloud one 2014, Lorenzo Borghi

Lorenzo_Borghi_Red hot waters_2014

Red hot waters 2014, Lorenzo Borghi


Come to celebrate with all your friends the last days of Photobastei and participate to the auction.  Below where it all goes on:

ARTBorghi exhibition at Photobastei coming soon on 20-30 March 2014

the green point of view photobastei lorenzo borghi 20 30 march 2014 artborghi address

Do plants see us? What do they perceive of the colourful world we know? Lorenzo Borghi, scientist and photographer, filters out every light but near infra-red, thus to capture the point of view of plants. A black and white world where plants easily move looking for their primary source of energy: light.

Where and When and How: click HERE!

(Sources for human and tree silhouettes.)

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