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At the surface

Pictures from the West Coast of Sardegna (Italy) shot with Olympus TG-1. Click to zoom in.

Ode al mare

Rhizostoma pulmo: the largest Mediterranean jellyfish (up to 10 Kg)

A baby Pinna nobilis. This marine bivalve mollusc can grow up to 1.2 m long

Echinaster sepositus: the arms of this Mediterranean sea star fish are up to 20 cm

Actinia viridis: a snake-locks anemone with 8 cm long tentacles

Octopus vulgaris: hidden in its lair, the piovra can be up to 1 m long.

“Ode to the Sea” shot off shore between Pistis and Porto Conte, Sardegna, Italy with Olympus TG-1. Click to zoom in and appreciate every scale and tentacle.

Love is … on a cold Autumn eve on Lake Zurich





Love is a dark silhouette … invisible without a colourful background.

Pictures shot hand-held in the darkness of a November eve thanks to Nikon D800 plus Nikon f/1.4 50 mm (f/1.6 ISO 800 1/100 sec)

This is how sun sets in Switzerland

Despite the sun still high,


when the longest shadow reaches the middle of the lake


It is time for setting head to a safe harbour.


All the shades of green and blue that adorned the day


rapidly turn into black and white on the lake surface,


while the sky warms up a last time before darkness.


That’s the moment when the steam wheels sail off Lucerne


drive in line through the strait of the lake


and pay a visit there, where this country was born on August 1, 1291.


… and only by then the first fires are started to fight the long, Alpine night.


All pictures shot with D800 + 70-200 VR-II / 16-35 f/4; click to enjoy them full screen.

Chiare fresche e dolci acque of Limmat

The river Limmat cuts the city of Zurich and swims out towards North-West.


Despite the highly urbanized area, Limmat waters stay clear and fresh.


Its colours are a pleasure to shoot…


… especially during these hot summer days!


All crystal clear pictures shot with the Nikon 16-35 mm f/4

How to feel (the) blue without the need of a tripod: the Nikon 16-35 mm f/4 VR

The long awaited Summer painted the city of Zurich with its finest blue.

Can you feel the whispering of the couples walking in the streets of the old town?

Do you hear the chatting of the restaurant guests from the outdoor tables?

People and buildings and sky blend in these nights of forgotten dreams.artborghi-blue-light-zurich-4

The most beautiful time of the year, the longest blue nights did not come unseen:

suck all the marrow out of these nights with greed.

And in case you are just walking around with your camera but not with your tripod, the Nikon 16-35 mm f/4 VR on my D800 made an excellent job. Pictures all shot hand held with times down to 1/3 sec (!) Click to open them full size in a new tab.

Artborghi’s painted love for the Appenzell Alps of Switzerland: how to transform your best shots in black and white art

Artborghi is no painter, but still pretends being one by playing with digital photography. Click each of these pictures to enjoy the full details of a ink drawing-like.


By playing with black and white conversion values and thresholds , here are the results.


Are you curious to know how the original pictures looked like? Click here or here for a couple of examples.


On the boat picture, the Säntis antenna is visible on one of the most picturesque peaks of Switzerland.


These pictures were shot in the amazingly beautiful region of Appenzell, CH. High mountains, narrow valleys and Alpine lakes. Visit it to enjoy it in full colours!

Nikon D800 left AF issue as May 2013: good news?

The pictures of this post have been sent to Nikon service. They reply me to send my D800 back for service: it would last max 5 working days. I already went through one service. I read online horror stories about 3 or more consecutive services ending tragically, with not a single AF bank at last calibrated.

artborghi-d800-50_af_issue-small  artborghi-d800-16-35_af_issue-small

As I could find a compromise with my D800 and the lenses I own, I do not want to risk. Unless you know of novel (after April 2013) Nikon guidelines for technical services on this D800 AF issue. Any news?

Click on each picture to magnify


L: left AF; M: middle AF; R: right AF; Lv: Live View; nAF: fine AF tuning value

red star: chosen setup
green point: as good as live view
orange point: acceptable but worse than live view

All picture open at maximum aperture, where the issue is mostly visible.

Pictures shot in different lights but also with  (16-35mm) / without (50mm, 70-200mm) the last D800 firmware update (A 1.01, B 1.02): some yellow tint removed from jpeg format?

Barrel distortion of the Nikon 16-35mm f/4G ED VR on D800: picture comparison

artborghi-barrel-distorsion-16-35mm VR-nikkor

When I bought the Nikon 16-35mm f/4 VR I read about the huge barrel distortion coming with it at 16 mm but I was not aware it was so … unnoticeable. Click on the animated gif above (1.1 MB, give it time to load) if the slide show is not running. You will see the original NEF files and the result from the automatic software correction for this lens (click here for more corrected pictures from Rome). Of course it is better after correction, but the distortion is not as disturbing as I thought. Maybe it goes worse with modern glass-and-steel buildings … not my usual subject anyway.

Artborghi’s call for guest posts and photographers: contribute art and tutorial to the fast growing artborghi photoblog


1. You have original pictures you would like online to share with the community
2. You want to keep the copyright on your own work
3. You are looking for a personalized and customizable way to share your art
4. You have no idea / no time to run a blog


Here is a good way to start opening your artwork to the world:

a. Select a couple of your best shots

b. Organize some text to describe the technique you used, the camera you had, the photo retouch you applied, the place and philosophy  (if any) of the picture.

c. Send a contact request to artborghi (via the contact page)

d. We will analyse and organize your content to be properly published on

e. Click on big white “Follow” button on the top right of artborghi blog page to get immediate feedback on your art!

We will give you platform and visibility through the fast growing artborghi photoblog and the several networks we belong (click the post picture to zoom). You send us your art we do the rest (picture and text composition, post publication, feedback report). Carpe diem!

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