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British archi-diversity: the Cambridge case

It’s not all about bio-diversity, enjoy the diversity of British architecture in the Northern neighborhood of Cambridge. Houses, walls and fences, a triumph of bricks and wood.


DSC_7292 DSC_7288

DSC_7283 DSC_7287

DSC_7155 DSC_7093

DSC_7102 DSC_7082

Click to enlarge each picture.

On the footsteps of…

DSC_7393 DSC_7396-2

… David Attenborough, Bertrand Russell, Stephen Hawking, James C. Maxwell …

DSC_7391 DSC_7395-2

… James D. Watson, Henri Cartier-Bresson …

DSC_7399 DSC_7410

… a stroll in the streets of Cambridge with some of its famous alumni!

DSC_7411 DSC_7415

Eagle eye pictures shot with D800 + 70-200 mm VRII from the roof top of  Great St Mary’s tower. Click to enlarge

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