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Free time at Haifa Harbour, Israel

Haifa is the city for work, Tel Aviv for relax, Jerusalem for praying, Acco for history … so they say. Still, some relax you can find also in Haifa, at the docks.


Surfers …


Chess players …


Fishermen …


European tourists …


Crab killers …


View of Haifa harbour from the city of Acco, located 17 kms away at the front bay side. In the center, the temple of Baha’i. Please appreciate the 70-200 mm f/2.8 definition. Click each picture to magnify.

This is how sun sets in Switzerland

Despite the sun still high,


when the longest shadow reaches the middle of the lake


It is time for setting head to a safe harbour.


All the shades of green and blue that adorned the day


rapidly turn into black and white on the lake surface,


while the sky warms up a last time before darkness.


That’s the moment when the steam wheels sail off Lucerne


drive in line through the strait of the lake


and pay a visit there, where this country was born on August 1, 1291.


… and only by then the first fires are started to fight the long, Alpine night.


All pictures shot with D800 + 70-200 VR-II / 16-35 f/4; click to enjoy them full screen.

Wild-life shooting in Camargue National Park

In Camargue national park (France) I counted the highest number of … flamingos? Horses? Mosquitoes? No, the amount of huge and professional zoom objectives overwhelmed everything else. Although feeling somehow ashamed, I shot some pictures with my 70-300 while biking around with my wife for a short holiday. Wildlife and panoramas in this area are quite peculiar: because of birds and salt flats everything looks “pink”. The foam created by the constant and strong wings on salty lagoons added that touch of craziness. Judge my art in the new gallery “Camargue pinks and blues”!

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