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Fluctuat nec mergitur






Looking for new winds of change.

At the end of the lake

What lies at the Southern end of lake Zurich?


Remnants of a hot summer …


Memories of evenings at the beach …


Trips across the lake  …


and the promise of a sailing for  next year .


Autumn already reached the Southern end of lake Zurich! Time to climb up to the snow fields. Click to enlarge each picture. Pictures shot in the town of Lachen with D800 + 16-35 mm

Pixel D800 remote control for a time lapsed Happy 1st of August to Switzerland

Movie password: fire2013

On 1st of August Switzerland celebrates its birthday.  Enjoy this time lapse movie shot towards Zurich lake from a roof top. My D800 was remotely controlled with a Pixel RW-221/DC0 and mounted on a Manfrotto 055XPROB. The comet-like horizontal fireworks shot by helicopters: awesome, uh?!

The music is from Amelie – La Valse D’Amelie – soundtrack from the Motion Picture by Yann Tiersen This song was played through the city of Zurich synchronized with the fireworks at the recent Zuerifaescht.

Movie password: fire2013

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