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All the women of Mucha’s Slav Epic (Prague, Czech Republic)

If you pass by Prague, do not miss Mucha’s Slav Epic at the Museum of Modern and contemporary Art. Aphonse Mucha was one of the major Art Nouveau representative: his art applied to the Epic history of the Slav people is unbeatable. Additionally, photography is allowed!

DSC_3618 DSC_3623

Above the hall dedicated to Mucha’s work: as Epic as his artworks, each measuring in average  6 x 8 meters. Enjoy details of these wonderful paintings I could shoot in the location. Click portrait details for canvas structures and brush strokes.


The Celebration of the pagan god Svantovít.

DSC_3676   DSC_3678   DSC_3679

The Celebration of Svantovít and details of figures from The Slavs in Their Original Homeland.


The Abolition of Serfdom in Russia

DSC_3648   DSC_3664   DSC_3661

The Abolition of Serfdom in Russia and detail of figures from others.


The Coronation of Serbian Tsar Štěpán Dušan

DSC_3674   DSC_3673   DSC_3672

The Coronation of Serbian Tsar Štěpán Dušan, details.


Do you want to know more about them? Mucha’s Slav Epic awaits you at the Museum of Modern and contemporary Art, Prague.


Posted by lorenzoborghi on August 11, 2014
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  1. 02/18/2018

    I never got a chance to see this exhibit. It must have been spectacular. 🙂 Lovely photos.

    • 03/18/2018

      It was, I am pretty sure it is a permanent one due to the immense size of the paintings. Don’t miss it if you pass by there. Thanks for commenting.

  2. 04/28/2021
    Marion van Paridon

    Can I see the pantings in 2021?

    • 06/10/2021

      no idea, this year I didn’t travel much, maybe you find it in the website of the gallery


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