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Homo sapiens sapiens in the mist

Kingdom: Animalia; Phylum: Chordata


Mammalia; Order: Primates


Family: Hominidae; Tribe: Hominini


Genus: Homo; Species: H. sapiens


To be more precise, subspecies: H. s. sapiens


Pictures of this misty forest shot with D800 plus 16-35 F/4 – click to magnify

How was Summer this year ?

I remember the belated Spring 1973 and the dry end of Winter 1972.log_1

The driest times of my life, together with the terrible drought of 1971, give it a closer look by yourself.log_2

Like if the Autum 1970 was not tough enough for the young Pinus sylvestris I was.

… so tell me now: how was Summer 2013 ?

Close encounters of the never kind at the pond

I have waited for more than one hour for any kind of encounter between the creatures of this post.

They completely ignored each other, which is understandable in the case of the dragonflies, but not for the frogs.

So, while watching these pictures, try maybe to imagine the dragonfly in the mouth of the frog …

… or even the other way round might be possible for what I’ve not seen 😉

Maybe white and gold, red and gold and even blue and black are not the colours frogs look for.   Click on pictures to magnify.

Sticky pictures from the scene of the crime

Which weapon killed most of them? Toothed traps?


Sticky mats?


Glue drops?


Find it by clicking on the pictures, shot with a Nikkor 16-35 mm f/4 that almost got glued onto these carnivore plants. Its minimal focus distance is 29 cm and evaluating it through the wide angle is often counter intuitive. For broader point of views on toothed Dionaea muscipula , sticky Pinguicula gigantea and gluey Drosera capensis click on the square pictures below.

artborghi-carnivore-dionaea-muscipula-fullcrop artborghi-carnivore-drosera-capensis-fullcrop artborghi-carnivore-pinguicula-gigantea-fullcrop

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