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How was Summer this year ?

I remember the belated Spring 1973 and the dry end of Winter 1972.log_1

The driest times of my life, together with the terrible drought of 1971, give it a closer look by yourself.log_2

Like if the Autum 1970 was not tough enough for the young Pinus sylvestris I was.

… so tell me now: how was Summer 2013 ?

Posted by lorenzoborghi on July 22, 2013
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  1. 07/22/2013

    I thought there would be forth one shot through binocular…

    • 07/22/2013

      ahahahhaha..I wanted to have one there with me 😀 I really would like to have a T-element / ring to adapt the D800 to microscope/ binocular / telescope.

      • 07/22/2013

        when art combines with science!

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