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Fibonacci’s sparkles

Pictures shot on Lac Lèman, Switzerland,  from a distance of 4 Km with Nikon 70-200 mm. Click each picture to zoom in.






New reflections

New Year Fireworks on Lake Zurich, Switzerland. Happy New Year! Click each picture to enlarge.


The fire bringers of Liestal Chienbäse: winter 2015 is over !

No mercy for winter 2015, driven away by fire from the streets of Liestal (Basel) during the traditional Chienbäse


Everything starts with a torch …


… to later give way to meters high chariots of fire


Fire advances through the main street of Liestal.


With pride and bliss the fire bringers walk


and run and shout to chase winter away!


At the end, all this fire is also good to grill a few sausages 🙂

Pictures shot at 3,200 ISO with D800 plus 16-35 mm f/4



Land of fire

DSC_7495 DSC_7587

Clouds and smoke

DSC_8124 DSC_7946

Sulfur gases and crystals

DSC_8731 DSC_8740

Mediterranean flora

DSC_8728 DSC_8039

Grilled prickly pears and thistles


1st of August 2014: firestorm on Zurich (CH) – ARTBorghi was there!


When the city doesn’t plan the fireworks for its citizens, the citizens organize the fireworks for the city!


From the ETH hill down to lake side …


From Hoenggerberg down to the Limmat river …


Nobody sleeps by the shores of lake Zurich tonight!


Storms of fire and smoke


as high as the Prime Tower embrace the city to celebrate the founding of the Swiss Confederation on the 1st of August 1291.


Happy bday Switzerland! Pictures shot from the terrace of Die Waid restaurant with Nikon D800, Nikon 50 mm and Manfrotto tripod.

Kienbesenzug 2014 exclusive pictures – The amazing Liestal Carnival: Nikon D800 passed the proof of fire!

If you missed the very hot Carnival of Liestal 2014, the Kienbesenzug, mind the date for next 2015! In the meantime, enjoy it through my pictures. I am glad my D800 survived the heat-waves as charriots of fire approached: my eye-lashes didn’t ! Bone-fires and torch-light, pulled through the streets of the lovely town of Liestal: enjoy the show!

artborghi-liestal-Kienbesenzug 2014-3

artborghi-liestal-Kienbesenzug 2014-4

artborghi-liestal-Kienbesenzug 2014-5

artborghi-liestal-Kienbesenzug 2014-9

artborghi-liestal-Kienbesenzug 2014-10

artborghi-liestal-Kienbesenzug 2014-13

artborghi-liestal-Kienbesenzug 2014-19


artborghi-liestal-Kienbesenzug 2014-20

All pictures shot with the fire-proof Nikon 16-35 f/4 – times from 1/20 to 1/50 secs, hand-held along the night. ISO between 1600 and 6400. Click each picture to magnify. Why exclusive pictures? I did not see other D800 challenging fire in first line tonight >)

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