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Off season

Surprisingly no queues at Mythenquai lido!

Quickly through the changing rooms …

… lockers locked …

The lake is just ahead!

For food and refreshments …

… showers …

… and playgrounds …

… we will come back next year.

Pictures shot at the Strandbad Myhtenquai, Zurich, off season, still open for a pleasurable morning stroll. Click to zoom in each picture.


Sea through

The harbor of Copenhagen seen through its buildings. Click each picture to zoom in.

Via Mala

In 1967 the road tunnel of San Bernardino allowed all-year round traffic between North and South of the Swiss Alps. Earlier, the Via Mala (in Latin, meaning bad path) was the only cross-way available in the area to carriages, horses and later cars. Opened by the ancient Romans, upgraded with two bridges in 1738, nowadays Via Mala is a spectacular pit stop while driving between Canton Grisons and Ticino.

South of the town of Thusis, the Via Mala gorge slightly opens.

The two bridges above the Via Mala gorge. Below in the gorge, the mist from a waterfall of the river Rhine.

The new pedestrian bridges to visit the depths of the gorge, the river Rhine beneath.

One of the pedestrian bridge viewed from the bottom of the gorge

Inside the gorge pedestrians tunnel.

Down in the gorge, along the Via Mala gorge tunnel.

Click to zoom in. If you want to visit via Mala by car, arrive between 9 and 10 am to find a parking place and wait until 11am for the spectacular sun light cutting through the shades of the gorge.

Meta art

Sometimes the container outmatches the content, like at the  National Art Center of Tokyo. Designed by Kisho Kurokawa, it is one of the highest symbols of impermanence (as temporary structure) and honesty of materiality (as natural textures) in Japan.

A squared Japanese flag for the 10th anniversary of the National Art Center of Tokyo

Iron to iron and glass to glass: entrance and escalators of the Art Center.

The lower floor bar with its wooden planks and glass walls

The lower floor bar with its wooden planks and glass walls

The upper floor restaurant made of naked glass and concrete

The upper floor restaurant made of naked glass and concrete

The wooden staircases lead to the several exhibition spaces

Wooden stairs to the exhibition spaces.

Click to zoom in. This photo series is part of the reportage Japan of mine.

Siddhārtha Gautama

The path to the Enlightenment is winding but rich of surprises.

Main entrance to Toyokuni Shrine, Kyoto

Main entrance to Toyokuni Shrine, Kyoto

Mizuya Sharine, Nara

Paths out of Mizuya Shrine, Nara

Inside Itsukushima Shrine, Miyajima island

Through the wooden corridors of Itsukushima Shrine, Miyajima island

Inside Itsukushima Shrine, Miyajima island

Low tide at Itsukushima Shrine, Miyajima island

The greatest Buddha (Siddhārtha Gautama) of Nara

The greatest Buddha (Siddhārtha Gautama) of Nara

View on Kyoto from Kiyomizu-dera Temple

View on Kyoto from the uphill Kiyomizu-dera Temple

Click to zoom in each picture. This photo series is part of the reportage Japan of mine.


Pictures shot in Kyoto, Tokyo and Osaka. Click to zoom in. This photo series is part of the reportage Japan of mine.

Endless points

Climb up Tokyo Skytree by night for collecting the highest and most glittery view of the city. From the top terrace at 451 m.s.l. endless and colorful light points decorate houses, towers and avenues.

Click each picture to zoom in and enjoy every tiny light.

On the top pod of Tokyo Tree

Tokyo night lights from the top terrace of Tokyo Skytree

Sumeda river on the left and Arakawa river on the top

Sumeda river on the left and Arakawa river on the top: the city never ends

Business and residential areas

Business (top) and new residential areas (bottom) in Tokyo city center

Merging lights: city avenues and reflections on Sumeda river

Merging lights: cars and reflections

Avenues of Tokyo center

Busy avenues of Tokyo center

Three towers, or four?

Three towers, or four?

A boat cruising on Sumeda river

A cruising boat and its night trail on Sumeda river

Pictures shot hand held with D800 plus 70-200 mm VR-II . This photo series is part of the reportage Japan of mine.


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