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Kinder Art

Boy at a playground

Swinging girl

Running boy

Jumping girl

Pictures show with Huawei P30 Pro through a kaleidoscope.  Click each picture to zoom in.



5 shooting stars for 5 wishes

552 shots, 15 seconds each for around 2.5 h on Nikon D800 plus 16-35 mm f/2.8 on tripod. Enjoy this year Saint Lawrence’s night (10.08.2019) and its shooting stars in the time-lapse below. Pictures shot watching eastwards of Zurich, direction Perseus and Pleiades. Play the movie fullscreen in HD

If you don’t find the shooting stars in the time lapse, or if you cannot tell what is airplane, satellite or shooting star, wishes on cropped frames below are allowed 😀

03:08 AM

03:18 AM

03:27 AM

04:01 AM

05:05 AM, a few minutes after dawn

Click each picture to zoom in.

Sticks on the move

DSC_9862 DSC_9860
DSC_9895 DSC_9864
DSC_9903 DSC_9883

Shapes from the Atlantic shores towards Praia do Guincho (Portugal). Shot with a 70-200 f/2.8 from a running car … ! Click each picture to enjoy the silhouette details.


Paul Klee’s endless movement: I am the arrow!


Colored horizontal lines for Earth’s horizon. And one black arrow pointing up to the sky, to suddenly fall down before reaching the top. “There is no movement without end” as gravity is inevitable, that’s the meaning of Paul Klee’s artwork at Zentrum Paul Klee in Bern.

I am now the arrow, and I move horizontally on my train from Bern to Zurich. I cannot fall back like Klee’s arrow, my horizon is horizontal like the train tracks shot out of my window at 1/8000 of a second.

DSC_4325 DSC_4333

1/8000 of a second (D800)                               1/200 of a second (human eye)

And most of it all, I can now create movement without end, endless arrows pointing to the left of the frame by shooting pictures to the tracks with lower shutter speed, from 1/80 of a second to 1.3 seconds.

DSC_4340 DSC_4336

1/80 of a second (D800)                                    1/50 of a  second (D800)

DSC_4343 DSC_4345

1/2 of a second (D800)                                        1.3 seconds (D800)

If only Paul Klee had a camera, he could have changed his mind on endless movement: from impossible vertical … to possible horizontal 🙂 Here you find the full series.

Exclusive pictures of Street Parade 2014 in Zurich : follow the White Unicorn and find yourself!

Scroll down the next picture selection and find yourself at Street Parade 2014 (21 pictures) or watch all the 72 pictures presented in the slide show at the end of the post. Click on each picture to magnify.

71. Street Parade 2014 Zurich @ ARTBorghi

Here below the slide-show begins: refer to picture numbers (in the slideshow captions) for requesting a copy of the original.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Rome D800 time-machine: 8 minutes of pictures through 2000 years of history!

If you did not manage to go through the several pictures we shot in Rome, enjoy artborghi animated point of view instead: technical specifications and hi-res pictures you can find here. Click on the youtube movie for a hi-res 2000 year-long trip in pictures.

Artborghi for pictures and mix, Maestro Karen Kornienko for music and arrangements.

Artborghi PanSTARRS C/2011 L4 – THE MOVIE

Pardon me for posting a looping animated picture for a real movie. Nevertheless, I think this few frames looping for 40 seconds will give you a better idea of the show we could shoot from the Uto Kulm in Zurich, Switzerland.

Enjoy it in full HD (go for Youtube full screen and after starting “play” choose HD settings by clicking on the small gearwheel)

Here is a easy to follow setup to ALWAYS play in HD when in full screen!

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