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Happy end


Poisonous Amanita muscaria


Bitter Russula


Finally:  Boletus edulis

Pictures shot in the Black Forest (Germany). Click each picture to zoom in.

Alpine hunting

Mushroom hunting in Alpine forests might be not easy

Climbing is part of the hunting process

Bridges help sometime

Jumps might be too long for a closer look

Where are thou, mushroom?

Pictures shot behind Sargans, Switzerland. Click each picture to zoom in.




Happy birthday

Pictures shot in Friedhof Nordheim, Zurich, Switzerland in the children graveyard. Click each picture to zoom in.




Schlern witch project

At the beginning of the path, the only danger looked like meeting some Sudtyroler fighting against Italian language.

The forest looked beautiful and walking through it was a perfect après-ski: not a sound around.

A few old trees blocked the path from time to time but they were easy to walk around

.. then the number of fallen / going to fall (?) trees increased …

I took this as a clear signal: run back! Pictures shot in the forest at Sciliar’s feet. Click each picture to zoom in.


Not even one to fry in the pan, all to shoot with the macro mode of Huawei P30 pro. Mushroom hunting in the Black Forest, Germany. Click each picture to zoom in


Bouquet de Lavaux

Click each picture to zoom in and walk through the terraces of Lavaux on Lake Geneva, Switzerland.




Lucky tree

An early morning hike from Sestri Levante to punta Manara: cool and far from the weekend crowds on the beach. Olive trees, cork oaks and Mediterranean trees. The luxurious vegetation on the path up to the 200 m.s.l of Punta Manara is a beautiful travel companion.

Dawn at Punta Manara, Sestri Levante, Italy

Click each picture to zoom in.

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Our frozen spring


A sparkle of Spring is memory of the past, present frozen and future loss.

Click each picture to capture each icy drop.


Hunting fields

Birch forest colors

North sides

Fields of mosses

Crystal creek

Pictures shot in the Black Forest, Germany. Click each picture to zoom in.

Take a walk on the Swiss wild side

To begin your walk on the Swiss wild side, first bring yourself to Canton of Valais, southern Switzerland.

If you drive there by car from the northern side, you will probably get stuck in your car on a train wagon like this, at the entrance of the Lötschberg tunnel.

20 minutes after shaking in the darkness (give some thought to the 116 workers who died drilling this hole in the mountain in 1908, several corpses still buried in the tunnel) you find yourself on the other side, in Goppenstein. Read more…

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