The body and freedom festival in Zurich is naked performance in urban space with artists from the ritualteather.chDo not read further if you find full and frontal male and female nudity disturbing.







Solo, Katharina Vogel, Misha Badasyan

A naked female performer walks and stands on the Münsterbrücke bridge in the city center of Zurich. She occasionally approaches and get approached




The Belly, Benjamin Sebastian,  Mischa Badasyan

The male naked performer initially looks like a pregnant woman petting his belly, his penis hidden between his legs.  His approach with his belly then changes, his sex gets exposed, a fight with a fat belly starts, and he will not win it.



Nobody is free until all are free, Benjamin Sebastian,  Mischa Badasyan

The naked male performer first shines his body with colorful creams. He then picks a rope, he passes it around a street lamp, he fixes one end around his neck, he inserts the other end in his anus. He drops a smartphone with earplugs on the floor. He completely hides his face with black tape. He then places his body on the street, motionless. Performers and public approach his smartphone and hear the words ” Nobody is free until all are free”.


Female body, Debolina Dubois-Bandyopadhiay, Katharina Vogel, Mischa Badasyan

The central (Indian?) figure is body painted: Why do I feel comfortable being naked here (front) but fear, death, rape and physical verbal assault in India (back). While she stands in the middle of the public, 3 additional naked performers shoot pictures to the public.



Naked Passages from Yann Marussich

The naked performers align along the whole bridge width and observe pedestrians passing between them.

Title and interpretation of performances written by the photographer.  Performers from Click each picture to enlarge.

More performances of on vimeo.