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Posts from the ‘photography of autumn’ Category

Once more

Autumn closure. Click each picture to zoom in.

Behind the mirror

Pictures shot in Hunziker-Areal Zurich, Switzerland. Click each picture to zoom in.

Happy end


Poisonous Amanita muscaria


Bitter Russula


Finally:  Boletus edulis

Pictures shot in the Black Forest (Germany). Click each picture to zoom in.

Draw the curtains

Click to zoom in.




Blue hour

Just after the chromatic inversion, a click out of many caught the short-lived blue light, before darkness prevailed

Click each picture to zoom in.

Blue is the new orange

The golden hour ends with a last chromatic inversion …

… still long enough to be captured on a picture.  Click to zoom in.


Golden hour

Golden hour at the shores of lake Zurich, Switzerland. Click to zoom in.

Warm feelings

It can be rainy …

… cloudy —

… misty …

… foggy …

… gloomy …

… but still warm inside thanks to friends and a good glass from Pio Cesàre…

Six feet under …

…. under the main streets of Middle Age towns …

… inside and below its once-upon-a-time church …

… located where most famous Italian producers have their mansions …

… at the end of long bricked walled corridors…

… there, are the cellars for Barbaresco, Nebbiolo, Dolcetto, Barbera …

Pictures shot in Barbaresco, click each picture to zoom in.


Down to the point

A colorful landscape opens just behind the rooftops.

The hills of Barberesco region, the colors of their wine yards paint the thick fog,

they run uphill …

following among the most excellent wine routes of Italy.

Welcome to Piemonte, land of wine (and meat and truffle and cheese and chocolate and …)

Click each picture to zoom in.

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