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A wide angle of view

A new wide angle of view with Sigma 14 mm f/1.8 – click each picture to zoom in.

Nikon SB-700 on Nikon D800: never again without external flash, first impressions on SB-700

I recently bought the SB-700 for my Nikon D800, as I could need it for reporting indoor, evening events in Zurich. Although I still need to learn how to use a flash, the full automatism of the SB-700 makes it a wonderful learning item.  Its remote control under command of the internal D800 flash makes it a very interesting toy to experiment with lights. Let’s the game begin!

sb-700 test  small artborghi

No flash (center up) suffers from high ISO and incandescent lights.

D800 flash (center down) is flat and gives a terrible shadow on the backgrond

In all the other cases I moved the SB-700 in different positions around my favourite model (FL = front left; BR = back right). Waiting forward to test the flash on humans!

Click to magnify and appreciate the detail differences. All pictures 100 % crops of originals.



artborghi hands-on: the Expertshield screen protectors for D800

expertshield screen protector 1

Expertshield contacted me a couple of months ago to test the screen protectors they produce for the Nikon D800. It is one month now my D800 has the Expertshield screen protectors on. I do not notice their presence and I often carry my camera without bag: thus, my D800 screen has now a invisible screen protector against scratches: thumbs up!

Pros of Expertshield screen protectors:

– Step-by-step instructions.
– Everything inclusive, even the cloth to wipe the screen
– Two screen protectors per kit, one for the LCD, one for the top screen.
– Completely transparent, you will forget having it on your camera.


– Size-wise, the Expertshield screen protectors are slightly smaller than the camera screens: if this bothers you, keep in mind they are produced so to allow for easier fitting.

expertshield screen protector 4 expertshield screen protector 2

Top (left) and main screen (right) with Expertshield screen protectors on. A thin 1 mm border is visible on both screens (click to magnify).

Curious to try them out? Here is the link to the Expertshield  shop to buy D800 screen protectors!

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