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  1. 05/20/2012

    the pictures are amazing. Cannot comment more. Love them.

  2. 01/6/2013

    Wow! Wonderful!

  3. 03/26/2013

    Reblogged this on angevicentin.

  4. 03/29/2013

    Reblogged this on Repitiendo contenido molón.

  5. 06/30/2013

    A spectacular gallery- we would love to feature you sometime on our site.

    • 06/30/2013

      Dear PhotoBotos, we would love to be featured by you… just let me know how and when..

  6. 05/15/2014

    Beautiful … and soothing. I’m going to reblog this … Peace, T

    • 05/15/2014

      Sure, winter sunsets have unique colors and shapes up there on the Italian Alps

  7. 05/15/2014

    Reblogged this on Wilder Man On Rolling Creek and commented:
    Another great image from artborghi … Enjoy

  8. 05/15/2014

    Hey, after I reblogged, I was wondering about 1 / 17. Where was that taken? Or … is it top-secret? OOOPs! I shouldn’t have asked if it is top-secret. Sorry. If you can tell me, that would be awesome. Peace, T

    • 05/15/2014

      This is the wonderful Italian side of Matterhorn (the famous mountain peak symbol of Switzerland). I was skiing down to the valley of Cervinia and just turned back and got that wonderful pink view towards Testa Grigia. If you like skiing, don’t miss Cervinia (Italy)


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