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My own picture of the next 107 years!

This morning I woke up quite early to shoot Venus passing over the sun. On my 300 mm zoom I mounted an empty 50 mm ring filled with single wavelength filters. The 750 nm filter worked good enough to let me shoot the sun and Venus without burning my retina.

However nothing else than the sun could be visible of course, as every wavelength different from 750 nm was filtered out. Therefore, let me publish for this time also  a picture patchwork somehow recalling this once and for ever 750 nm morning. The 446 and 650 nm filters, although too bright to picture the sun, were useful to produce some experimental panorama. I have some ideas in mind, I will come back with some new filtered pictures sooner or later!

Posted by lorenzoborghi on June 6, 2012
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  1. 06/7/2012

    wow you are devoted! but why does it look so foggy? it was cloudy?

    • 06/7/2012

      I have to say it is the first I used these adapters. I have seen that if I extend the full 300 mm with the filter lens on I get strong light distortions. This picture was shot at 150 mm where, by eye, I could not see distortions, but possibly some blurring still does accour. I will investigate if there is a way to avoid light blurring before the next time Venus will pass on the sun 🙂


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