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Hoch-Ybrig (CH) 2013: fast freestyle action and full frame D800


They say a full frame camera like the D800 is not good for sport and action. Indeed it is quite heavy to carry along … Despite the ridiculous 4 fps, the D800 is still able to catch some good action (here subjects were added on backgrounds post-shooting) . Click on each picture to magnify it in a new tab.


To get a fast subject on focus mind to set up the following:

– AF-C (continuous AF) “d9” or “3d” to avoid focusing the background instead of your subject, especially with a 50 mm

– cH for “high” burst speed (no 6 fps for me, I do not have the battery grip with the EN-EL18)

– To reach 5 fps with normal batteries you can shoot in DX mode

– With a max f/2.8 , I set up ISO to 200 and time was around 1/6000

– Better shooting with a zoom to restrict most of the focus area on your subject, the 70-200 mm VRII set at 70 mm was enough


Click on each picture to magnify it in a new tab.

Posted by lorenzoborghi on March 4, 2013
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  1. 03/4/2013

    Reblogged this on 1,2,3 do.

  2. 03/5/2013

    but the 1st one is not in its correct order is it?
    and why not in original background?

    • 03/5/2013

      Dear Eagle-eye Raya 🙂

      the order is correct, it is a back flip, I was amazed how the guy could turn his back backward and the sky upward from front to back and front again.

      The background is not the original one because:

      1) I had to follow the jump and move the camera keeping the subject in the middle. With only 4 fps and the close vicinity to the subject I would have got maximum 2.5 bodies per static frame

      2) It was terribly full of kids who liked to stand between me, my camera and the jumping friends. So I preferred to cut the jumpers out of their crowded backgrounds (with cables and ski-lift too) and put them on panoramas I organized that same day

      .. waiting forward to see you jumping!

      • 03/6/2013

        oh wow! so he was riding backwards when jumping!
        i can jump for sure, when not asking for landing 😉

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