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What do you know about Schwingfest 2013 in Trub (Switzerland) ?

Trub is a town in the upper region of Emmental.

Emmental is a Swiss valley that names the cheese you probably know.

Schwingen is a Swiss traditional sport, similar to catch.

Fighters score points with special combos in a time of 5 minutes.

The fight ends by knocking down the opponents on their back.

The winner becomes the king of the Schwingfest!

Last but not least beauty is an important part of the festival!

If you pass by Switzerland between May and August get the chance to watch the fighters of a Schwingfest! Watch the full reportage on our channel by clicking here.

All pictures shot with a 70-200 VR-II on D800

Posted by lorenzoborghi on May 13, 2013
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  1. 05/27/2013

    you got a great spot! did you have to be there a lot in advance?

    • 05/27/2013

      I got some angry people behind me as I was standing up in the first row with the 200 mm… but I managed to survive 😀


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