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Forget-me-not, despite my changing outfit! A tribute to the International Fascination of Plants Day (May 18th 2013)

I shot some pattern pictures out on Swiss fields during these (rainy) days, my favorite being this intense blue forget-me-not flowers (click it to download a full version).In this wide-angle view there is only one flower on focus, can you find it? artborghi - forget me not small

What I love in this view are the flower stages of development: a kind of same-same but different. From purple to blue-and-yellow to blue-and-white, as summarized in the table below. This change is due to a pH shift in the cells of petals.

artborghi - forget me not - stages of development

Do you wanna learn more on plants? Enjoy one of the several initiatives organized for the International Fascination of Plants Day (May 18th 2013)

Posted by lorenzoborghi on May 17, 2013
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  1. 05/17/2013

    Love this little flowers. To be given to our better half! Thanks.

    • 05/17/2013

      Indeed. I thought this flower name had something to do with love, but the oldest folklore legend about it sounds quite different: “In a German legend, God named all the plants when a tiny unnamed one cried out, “Forget-me-not, O Lord!” God replied, “That shall be your name.”

  2. 05/18/2013

    Your photographs are gorgeous. Would like to share some of your work and a bit about you on my blog. It’s devoted to culture – art, film, photography, poetry,music, writing, the inspiration of nature and protecting the environment, etc.

    Regardless, I’m always fascinated by nature and the beauty of flowers, and had no idea there was an International Fascination with Plants Day. Thanks for sharing!

    • 05/19/2013

      Dear Windy thank you very much, sure I am glad sharing my work with you. I think the easiest way is to reblog the content you like on your blog, let me know if you have other ideas.

      • 05/20/2013

        Hi Lorenzo,
        Yes, it would be easier just to re-blog a post, but I enjoy creating stories about artists (a bit of their background) and highlighting a few samples of their work, which tie into the story with links to their site or blog for others to check out the rest of their work. If this appeals to you, perhaps I could feature you on my blog at some point, as I create tailor-made pieces, rather than aggregate other peoples’ content.
        Regardless, thanks for the connection and for stopping by to respond. 🙂

      • 05/21/2013

        Dear Windy, sure I appreciate your kind offer! Please let me know how can I help you creating the story. It sounds very interesting, much more than just re-blogging.

      • 05/22/2013

        Thanks, Lorenzo. I sent you a Twitter invite. I don’t tweet much, but we can exchange contact info, etc. through direct messaging and when I get a chance, I will take a more thorough view of your site and familiarize myself with your work. Then, begin to prepare a rough draft (preview post) that you can review, give input, and approve before publishing.

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