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From alpha to omega: where does the water flow ?

Here comes the belvedere in front of the hotel we left in part I


Two hydrogens and one oxygen you are,


Two hydrogens and one oxygen you will be.


Warmed up by the first sun rays


Frozen out of the Rhone glacier you will flow,


below the sheet of ice you will carve your way,


through tunnels of blue light you will run away,


gravity will give you the strength,


rock will pave your way down,


down to the pink, salty sea of Camargue.


Up here still a last view on the different states


of your white and blue, solid-liquid soul.


You, frozen water of the Rhone river. Pictures shot with D800 + 70-200 VR-II and 16-35 mm f/4 – click to magnify

Posted by lorenzoborghi on September 6, 2013
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  1. 09/10/2013

    Great shots! What an adventure!

    • 09/10/2013

      Thanks Mike! It was indeed. In one of the pictures you can see a man in the middle of the glacier, half of the glacier still in shadow. I had to wait in that shadow for almost one hour before the sun finally flooded the whole valley. Climbing up was too slippery with normal shoes. In the wind, on the dark side of the glacier, it was very, very cold. In that hour I really understood how plants have to wait for the first ray of sun 😀

      • 09/10/2013

        Wow! That is a great story. I imagine you will remember it forever.

      • 09/11/2013

        For sure! And what I will also remember is that when the sun shines high on a glacier, walking back on water and ice is even more difficult … without proper shoes.

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