First,  the Eastern Orthodox cathedral of the Patriarchate of Constantinople: the Holy Wisdom


artborghi_Hagia Sophia_2 artborghi_Hagia Sophia_3

Then a Roman Catholic cathedral in the Latin Empire: Sancta Sophia

artborghi_Hagia Sophia_4

artborghi_Hagia Sophia_5 artborghi_Hagia Sophia_6

Later the Imperial Mosque of Istanbul: Aya Sofya

artborghi_Hagia Sophia_1

artborghi_Hagia Sophia_8 artborghi_Hagia Sophia_9

Today a wonderful museum: Ayasofya Müzesi


artborghi_Hagia Sophia_10 artborghi_Hagia Sophia_12

Click on each picture to magnify. All pictures shot with Nikon D800 + 16-35 mm f/4