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Surviving colours of the Swiss Winter: colour or black&white ?

The snow did not cover the land did not sleep the hedgehog in this warm Swiss winter. It is all dead green the grass under the grey sky of the marshlands. There are no colours in winter and the photographer paints light and the photographer merges colours …






.. and dreams for spring. Pictures shot in colour at the Katzensee, Canton Zurich. Converted in black and white, merged with colour layers. Pictures shot with D800 plus the photographer best friend Nikon 50 mm f/1.4, tiny and light and so powerful. Click each picture to magnify.

And yes, these pictures were photoshopped 🙂

Posted by lorenzoborghi on February 20, 2014
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  1. 02/22/2014
    Lauren Pacini

    I like what you have done here, Lorenzo. I am a die-hard fan of black and white photography, but there are certainly times when the subtle introduction of color can be very effective. Imagine a visitor to a black and white gallery exhibit stopping up short to revisit a photograph with a splash of color in it, thinking, “Did I rreally see that?”

  2. 03/1/2014

    Dear Lauren pardon for the late reply. You comment is a wonderful full story by itself, thank you very much for inspiring me: I will really try to insert this work in a black and white exhibition and I will feedback you on the results. Thanks a lot for having reached ARTBorghi!


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