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What is Gruyère (Switzerland) famous for … ?

For Gruyére Castle, which gave the name to the famous cheese


For its comfortable benches of bones …


For its traditional pubs tiled with vertebrae …


and for (sexy content ahead ) ….

… for its topless monuments … ???


For H.R. Giger’s Museum, of course! Mr H. R. Giger was the creator of The Alien and Species, here below is one of his most impressive female extraterrestrial sculpture.


The rest of his artwork, paintings and design handworks, you will find in his museum. Pay it a visit when you reach Gruyére!


Posted by lorenzoborghi on June 8, 2014
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  1. 06/8/2014

    This is a beautiful shot.

    • 06/8/2014

      Thanks! I also liked the rusty colors of statue and balconies.

  2. 06/8/2014

    Cool shots of the Giger Museum, Lorenzo. Some of his work is unsettling, but there’s no doubt Giger was a visionary.

    • 06/14/2014

      Thanks Windy. I found it cute you had a post on your blog about mr. Giger and just the week-end after he died (falling fom his home stairs!) I wento to Gruyere to visit his museum. Paintings and statues inside are really gorgeous. If you come to Switzerland you have to visit Gruyer! Indeed sometimes drugs are sexual contents are explicit but it is part of the beauty of his art.

      • 06/14/2014

        Oh, I didn’t know you saw my post, but I really got a kick out of seeing your museum shots, especially since I wrote about Giger. The photos are terrific, and thank you for sharing them. Hope to make the trip one of these days. I’m sure it was pretty amazing to see it all in person. Well done!

      • 06/14/2014

        PS. Thanks for liking the post…just saw that. 🙂

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