Camogli (close to Genoa) is a tiny jewel on North Italy shores. Squeezed between sea and Apennines mountains, Camogli inhabitants had to develop their town vertically. Narrow streets and up to 5-floor houses build up a real labyrinth for sunlight.

DSC_1051 DSC_1054

In the evening, light still comes from atop or from the colorful reflections of the tiny harbor.

DSC_1058 DSC_1161

The last sun rays turn every smooth surface gold, both “veneziane” (wood lacked windows) and sea.

DSC_1095 DSC_1067

And when darkness comes down, warm lights still paint the narrow carrugi (“streets” in Genoa dialect).

DSC_1100 DSC_1170

All pictures shot with D800 plus 70-200 VRII in the tiny time between swimming and enjoying the delicious seafood in Ostaia da ö Sigu’. No fornografy on ARTBorghi (forno in Italian means “oven”, fornografy is about shooting pictures of food on plates),  so have a dinner there to experience the amazing taste of the Mediterranean sea.

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