Pumex was one of the world leading pumice-stone industry since 1958. Then, Aeolian Islands were declared UNESCO Heritage.  Nowadays in Pumex area you still find a few traces of what was pumice extraction and processing.

DSC_8416 DSC_8384

The factory from the sea side

DSC_8368 DSC_8386

Wind and sea erosion on the abandoned factory

DSC_8375 DSC_8379

The piers for cargo loading

DSC_8395 DSC_8392

Old power for the conveyor belts

DSC_8390 DSC_8404

In the engine rooms: rusty wheels and pistons

 DSC_8405 DSC_8396

Inside the factory: pumice still covers every floor

 DSC_8408 DSC_8417

In the warehouse: last pumice, empty bags.