Click each panorama to open it in a new tab and click it again to view it 100% – each picture is 768 px h x several thousands w px


Above, a 50 picture stitched panorama: click it to open in a new tab and click it again to see it at 100%. This huge view spans from the Kleiner Myhten peak in caton Schwyz (left, 1811 m.s.l.) to mount Pilatus behind Lucerne (right, 2,128 m.s.l.). The mountains of at least 5 cantons are visible: can you spot the antenna on the Titlis peak?


Above, a 21 picture stitched panorama shot with the Nikon 70-200 mm pointing south at the Alpine border between Canton GraubĂźnden and Italy


Above, a 12 picture stitched panorama shot direction lake Lucerne


Finally, a 6 picture stitched panorama shot with the Nikon 50 mm from Rigi Kulm towards Rigi Scheidegg.

With less than 16GB memory, merging a panorama made out of more than 10 pictures can be a problem with Hugin. Especially with pictures of 36 MP resolution like with Nikon D800. A solution comes from downsizing the pictures either to a) 5000 x 3333 px, for panorama stitches made out of max 20 pictures or b) 1600 x 1067 px, for panoramas up to 50 pictures. Here above you have panoramic views from Mount Rigi, “The Queen of mountains”, a 1,798 meter high peak in Switzerland.