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Red is the new white: supermoon lunar eclipse 2015

Click to enlarge each picture of this moon total eclipse: next super+blood moon in 2033.

supermoon artborghi 2015 white moon

Full white moon, shot in the clouds with ISO 100, 1/200 s, f/5.6

supermoon artborghi 2015 red moon

Full red “blood” moon, shot with ISO 1600, 1/40 s, f/.28

supermoon artborghi 2015 exit from eclipse 2

Exit from the eclipse, “half blood” moon,  shot with ISO 1000, 1/20 s, f/4.5

supermoon artborghi 2015

Picture series shot from Zurich with D800 + 16-355 mm f/4 and 70-200 mm VRII f/2.8. Click to enlarge.


Posted by lorenzoborghi on September 28, 2015
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  1. 09/29/2015

    very nice composite in the end!

    • 09/29/2015

      Thank you Raya, nice to read from you! Amazing how dark are Zurich nights, isn’t it? Although exposure times are not so long, as the Moon moves fast, still I was happy to get stars too!

  2. 09/29/2015

    congratulations , great photos

    • 09/29/2015

      Thank you Heinz, I am glad you could find the post as I did not have your email address, yet.

  3. 09/30/2015
    Antonio Violi

    Great work.

    • 09/30/2015

      Thank you Antonio! I was waiting for you on this post and as I did not see you until today I thought you were on holiday or in the middle of a long black out 🙂 Always nice to read you.


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