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Time travel

Once upon a time, the Swiss community of  Mulegns was a post station.

_DSC6144 _DSC6161

Between Chur and Saint Moritz, horse-drawn carriages took 15 hours and several stops to climb the steep valley.

_DSC6196 _DSC6203-2

One of these stops was at Mulegns, at the Posthotel “Löwe”.

_DSC6168 _DSC6221

But then the train tracks in a parallel valley opened a new and faster way. The horse carriage business bankrupted…

_DSC6158 _DSC6189

… and Mulegns got cut off the main stream.

_DSC6185 _DSC6181

Nevertheless, the Posthotel “Löwe” is still there and it is open… and it is definitely worth a visit!

Click each picture to enlarge. Thanks to the owner of the Posthotel, Donata Willi, for the short but fascinating chat about the community history.

Posted by lorenzoborghi on February 24, 2016
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  1. 02/24/2016


    Those pictures are amazing! It is like a walk back in history! Thanks.


    • 02/26/2016

      Thank you Jim! I am glad the pictures gave you the feelings I had there. The hotel might be renewed sooner or later, when they will find the money. So, these pictures are kind of some historical documentation now.


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