Ichnusa was the Latin name for Sardegna, the second-largest Mediterranean island after Sicily. For its position in Mare nostrum and for the thousands of prehistoric towers adorning its shores and flat-lands (aka nuraghe), Sardegna was suggested to be home to the mythical civilization of Atlantis.

Today Sardegna is one of the most attractive summer destinations in Europe. But there is more than waves and sand.  Sardegna was the crossroad for Nuragic, Phoenician (Punic) and Latin civilizations: remains of these times are well preserved through the island.   Spanish (Catalan) influences are still strong in the architecture of west-coast cities. Marine sanctuaries are rich in flora and fauna biodiversity (as already documented here, here and here).  Last but not least, industrial and megalithic archeology sites invite the exploration of this island also far from the coastal line.

Ichnusa is the title of this new ARTBorghi photo-reportage, after the positive experience of Japan of mine previously on this blog. Enjoy Ichnusa and its treasures in the upcoming weeks! Pictures shot by Lorenzo Borghi, edited together with Maria Francesca.

  1. Cross over to the other side
  2. Prominent
  3. Paradise comes at a price
  4. Paraiso
  5. Ichnusa tones
  6. Mare nostrum
  7. Remains