Did you miss ZÜRCHER/IN the exhibition? ZÜRCHER/IN is a photography project created by ARTBorghi (Lorenzo Borghi and Maria Francesca) on the common people highly over-represented as bronze and granite statues in the city of Zürich, Switzerland. Just a few statues of prominents adorn this Swiss city, which is flooded by commoners mostly relaxing in their free time.

Several of the statues represent female nudes. Fore sure, part of ZÜRCHER/IN is an ode to feminine beauty.

In the book, available online, coordinates and maps will additionally help you in this art-quest.

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Hermann Hubacher, Frauenakt (1923) / Hermann Haller, Schauende (1923)

Rolf Brem, Irene die grosse Bellissima (2006) / Hermann Hubacher, Sitzendes Mädchen (1934)

Eduard Bick, Schreitendes Mädchen (1928) / Arthur Tigram Abeljanz, Mädchengruppe (1936)

Hans Brandenberg, Weibliche Figur (1959) / Hermann Haller, Stehendes Mädchen (1946)

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