This is the first episode of a photo series focused on shores and inland of the Southern areas of Sardegna. Covering a region between Cagliari (the regional capital) and Teulada, in the next weeks Lorenzo Borghi (photography) and Maria Francesca (editor) will report man-made and natural wonders of this side of the island. For the underwater side of this region, find here the previous episodes.

Human footprints is a photo series about large to almost invisible footprints, from the industrial harbor of Cagliari to Chia bay. Click each picture to zoom in.

Pipes in the sea of Sarroch industrial area for oil transfer to the local  refinery

A windmill park in the swamps located West of Cagliari

Sand castles on the beach of Cala Cipolla, Chia

Last tourists on the beach, Chia

The tower of Chia bay at sunset, behind a fresh water pond

Pictures show with Nikon D800 + 70-200 mm VRII f/2.8 or 16-35 mm f/4.