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Hitchcock reloaded: the Swiss syndrome







Winter seagulls looking for (and finding) food on the shores of Lake Zurich. Click on each picture to magnify.

It’s raining men in Zurich! Capture them in DX mode at 5 fps with your D800!

After a long drought period, it started raining men in Zurich.

artborghi-freestyle-jump-zuerifaescht-3big artborghi-freestyle-jump-zuerifaescht-1small artborghi-freestyle-jump-zuerifaescht-5small artborghi-freestyle-jump-zuerifaescht-2small artborghi-freestyle-jump-zuerifaescht-4small
Please appreciate the DX mode of the D800 which pushes this full frame camera to the warp speed of 5 fps ! Although not impressing, it is still enough for shooting some cool acrobatic jumps into Zurich lake! The middle guy is parachuting with the flag of Zurich.

Fire- and waterworks of Zuerifaescht 2013!

Every three years in Zurich the Zurifest opens: mind 2016 is coming soon!

artborghi-zuerifaescht-2013-fireworks- 1

artborghi-zuerifaescht-2013-fireworks- 2

Don’t miss two consecutive nights of fire- and waterwork opera on the shores of Zurich lake artborghi-zuerifaescht-2013-fireworks- 4

artborghi-zuerifaescht-2013-fireworks- 5 artborghi-zuerifaescht-2013-fireworks- 6

artborghi-zuerifaescht-2013-fireworks- 10

artborghi-zuerifaescht-2013-fireworks- 14

Come and experience what Switzerland’s down-town turns into during these three awesome days!


Click pictures to magnify

The most beautiful (male) chick of the block …

mandarin duck artborghi headsmall

… has some though life on the shores of lake Zurich ..

mandarin duck artborghi danger big

..and the story does not go further because of my slow SD card. Despite D800 generous buffer, writing RAW+JPG continuous bursts requires more than class 4 cards… class 10 recommended here.

Click on pictures to get full details.

Animal patterns: Aix galericulata

most beauty 1small

On lake Zurich there were also some black cormorants, greenish ducks and brownish sparrows … but somehow this mandarin duck was more attractive…

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