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The night over Zurich

Watching Westwards to the suburb towers

Watching East towards the ex industrial quarter

The city burner towards South

Hotels and offices in ZuriWest

A shiny Prime Tower by night.

Click each picture to zoom in.

Hot in Zurich

An exceptional couple of days at 36 °C in Zurich, Switzerland. The hot city shot from Rigiblick cable-car station.

The old city and lake Zurich

Prime tower with city burner

Zurich railway

Urania observatory

Click each picture to zoom in and feel the heat.

Ecological niches

Click each picture to zoom in.

Our frozen spring


A sparkle of Spring is memory of the past, present frozen and future loss.

Click each picture to capture each icy drop.


A misty beginning

Blue Prime Tower and red construction cranes, the few colors of the day

A wider view towards west

Protruding fingers, Zurich modern skyline in the mist.

The Alps crowning a straight southwards view on the city.

Zurich city center with its tall buildings and church towers, the lake behind.

What will 2019 will bring us? Pictures shot on a misty, cold new day from Waidberg, a hill north of the city of Zurich, Switzerland. Click each picture to enjoy every single detail shot with a 50 mm on a Nikon D800 sensor.

Night colors

Xmas lights in museum backyard

City light from main station

Bank in city center

Fire juggler in old town

Main street lights

Pictures shot during Christmas time in Zurich. Click each picture to enlarge.


New reflections

New Year Fireworks on Lake Zurich, Switzerland. Happy New Year! Click each picture to enlarge.


Out of time

Pictures from the one and only snow day in the city of Zurich in winter 2018. A quiet goodbye to the end of the old year… what will remain of it?

Warmest night

Click to zoom in.

Chilly dusk

Click to zoom in.

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