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The good photographer always has a good camera in his (big) pocket

gorgoues skyscape poor camera

However, pockets are not big enough and good cameras are too heavy to carry around all day long. It is a pity for such gorgeous skyscape I had with me only a Samsung i9001. Do you have any suggestion for a smartphone / small camera with best compromise for size / quality?

Posted by lorenzoborghi on June 25, 2012
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  1. 06/26/2012

    Indeed, if the D800 doesn’t come out I will spend all my money on it. Although I prefer the M9-P, – I cannot stand the red dot above the lens…

    • 06/27/2012

      Actually I don’t know if they are in Swiss market yet. Digitec doesn’t even have them listed…

      • 06/27/2012

        Not even Brack .. do you know a trusted shop in Germany?

  2. 06/26/2012

    i guess Samsung Galaxy S III is all over the market for its picture perfect camera and the well build app which enhance the quality …You may also consider HTC one X . 😀

    • 06/27/2012

      Hi Shrey thanks for your advice, but let me tell you what I read around about S3 was not too exciting: “a cracking camera that will be more than adequate for most” or “the pictures you take are available quickly and don’t look half bad” did not convince me. And the picture quality is far from being interesting to me: – probably I just pretend too much from a smartphone camera. So if I will find 8,000 dollars lost on the street i will buy me the leica M9-P!

      • 06/28/2012

        thanks for updating my knowledge…will let you know if there’s something worth buying and hey lorenzo if you are free some day do contact me through my facebook id( ) i have some doubts which i guess you can answer..!! ciao ..!! 😀

  3. 06/28/2012

    HI Shrey I would like to have more activity on Facebook but I have a company profile so the maximum I can do is to share links – I would rather read and comment your blog.


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