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  1. 05/9/2012

    I’m really stonified Mr. Escher, your stairs are driving me crazy, great pictures !!

    • 05/9/2012

      Dear Jose, thanks – although I do not see Escher stairs here… Did you mean you got ecstatic feelings after watching my pictures? Did you fall into Stendhal syndrome for the brilliant colours and extreme compositions?

      • 05/9/2012

        Picture 7/9 stonified, the stairs go into the water, it seems there’s a entrance under the water…would be appropriated to name the pictures, you know, at least some info to know where, or when….I know you are an artist, and your art should be enough for us, poor standard men, but would be nice some references… next time if somebody tell you that you are as good as Escher, you should say, of course, that’s was my idea.

  2. 05/9/2012

    Thanks for the idea my dear, of course I thought art should be enough – but I will write about where and when for each of them, This picture comes from Strasbourg, December, dusk time, for example – now I will I find the artistic way to insert this information somewhere…

  3. 05/10/2012

    handy & elegant your solution for the info

  4. 04/20/2013

    1/8 is magnificent. where is it?

    • 04/20/2013

      That’s Pitigliano, Tuscany, Italy. A beautiful rock carved city.

      Each picture has a description, it becoms visible when the “i” on the top left corner is pressed. I know it is quite invisible. I will ask the guys who made the theme to make it bigger.


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