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How to shoot rain drops

Heavy (but short) showers  are always welcome to photographers. How to shoot them properly? Showers are good when light sources are behind us and a darker background in front. Choose a long exposition time, around 1/30 with stabilized objectives, so that rain drops can leave their trails in the picture. Try to set the aperture above 10 thus to have deep rain courtains on focus. Hold your breath and shoot!

Below, a few examples from our last week end in Ticino.

Posted by lorenzoborghi on May 30, 2012
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  1. 05/30/2012

    ah…it’s word-press not world indeed…I also used to have one, but not active anymore…;)

    • 05/30/2012

      Did you come here by scanning my QR code 🙂 ? Nice to read you here too! Maybe it is time to re-open your “artistic” site.

      • 06/5/2012

        I didn’t have the honor to have your code, as I’m still using a dumb phone …

      • 06/5/2012

        for dumb phone save on your internet mobile browser… or you wanna make me believing you cannot surf with your phone?? uuuuuunbelievable 😉

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