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  1. 05/20/2012

    Very nice! Mostly peaceful and I think there is a lot of swiss shots here, right? But tell me, who are all the people in the water in the picture with the waves?

    • 05/21/2012

      These are crazy surfers challenging the waves at the ocean shores close to Bordeaux – indeed there is a lot of Switzerland in this gallery, but not only.

  2. 06/16/2012

    thumb up for 4 and 20! 20 would be perfect if half a second earlier before that diver was immersed.
    16 and17: what perfect exposure! did you use a gradient filter?

    • 06/20/2012

      Thanks, for number 4 it was a gorgeous late summer day sunlight. About number 20 I completely agree with you. I had one shot with the diver feet just before touch down and the one published where the body was not visible anymore … you know why? 3.5 fps – almost like the D800 😦

    • 06/20/2012

      I use the CS4 gradient filter 😀


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