A 20 line musical score: piece of cake for the director of Lucerne Jazz Orchestra, David Grottschreiber!


Brasses first…


add a bass in the background …


a drummer to keep the beat ….


A solo for the sax …


 Lead voice ready.


… and now the solo of the guitar-man!


You are my man!

Well, I am only a photographer, not a music director, and I regret I will never lead such an awesome group of instruments. This concert of Lucerne Jazz Orchestra was at the Mehrspur in Zurich, one week ago. Don’t miss their amazing performances and pass by Mehrspur when you are in Zurich: free (!!!) jazz (!!!) music every Friday! Gratis and quality music don’t come often in one package …

All pictures shot with D800 and 50 mm f/1.4 with no flash and no tripod in a quite dark environment, not bad, uh? Times around 1/100 secs, Iso 800 to 4000, aperture f/1.8 to f/ 2.4