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Swiss reportage with true Russian folklore

Reportage: Matrjoshka 10 years jublee, Zürich, Switzerland

Two cameras (450D and 60D) mounting two different objectives (70-300mm and 17-55mm), battery backups for each camera and 32 GB total SD card space.

Ready for another Russian folklore event in Zürich!

This time I was asked to shoot the 10th jubilee of the Russian school Matrjoschka. I know what you could have in mind: shows good only for kids … but it was absolutely not the case. Music and costumes and dancers and singer and players and actors made the big difference! I got quite crazy shooting with two cameras at the same moment for 2h and a half, the 450D got stuck in guru meditation (aka busy) several times for the amount of saved data but everything went smooth. Judge it for yourself by clicking on the post picture or here. My favorite ones are kids waiting to perform on the stage.

Posted by lorenzoborghi on June 20, 2012
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  1. 06/20/2012

    my favorite too! very clean composition!

    • 06/20/2012

      taken with the 300mm in low light with no tripod! miracle 🙂

      • 06/21/2012

        did you underexpose and/or use high iso?

  2. 06/21/2012

    That’s a profi question 😉 I tried both, but best results came with underexposing and LightRoom processing. On the 60D, in-camera noise reduction at ISO higher than 800 did not look so good – on the 450D it is already a nightmare at 800 😀


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